These Beauty Misconceptions Will Raise Eyebrows, Literally

Put the tweezer down!

You don’t want to make a brow mistake based off a common misconception. Before you make your next appointment with a professional, E! News consulted Hollywood’s biggest names in brow artistry on what you should believe and what you shouldn’t.

Misconception: Microblading will make all your brow problems go away.

“A lot of people are talking about microblading but just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean it’s a good one,” said Kelley Baker, who calls the Kardashians, Jenners, Lea Michele and more as clients. “Unfortunately there are not any regulations and anyone can take a one-day course and get certified. They say it’s semi-permanent, but the truth is that it’s a tattoo…on your face! So if this is something you are considering, please make sure you do your homework and ask to see photos of their work! As awesome as it seems to never have to fill in your brows again, the dream is not real. So I as a brow pro do not recommend it.”

Misconception: Maintaining your brows at home in between appointments is a must.

“Put away the tweezers,” recommended Kelley. “Once you’ve had your brows shaped by a professional and love your new shape, simply reschedule your follow-up appointment with your stylist so that they can continue to keep your brows perfect. We all can get a little crazy with our tweezers, and it only takes one wrong pull to mess up your shape!”

Misconception: Trimming hairs is best when held up.

“We see a lot of artists holding hairs directing up in place while trimming,” said Giselle Soto, brow wizard to the likes of Jordyn Woods. “The thought behind this is that it results in a cleaner and more precise look. However, holding hairs directly up while trimming will cause holes and thin the eyebrow.”

Misconception: More product means more contrast.

“When filling in eyebrows with makeup, the thought is that you need a variety of items to complete this. Pomades, brow pencils and brow markers are necessary for making sparse areas seem full,” added Giselle. “However, with the proper use of just a little highlighter contrast with a minimum amount of brow powder will do the trick. The contrast gives you the illusion that the eyebrow hair is darker than what they actually are.”

Misconception: Layering product can look too heavy.

“One of the most common brow misconceptions I come across is the idea that layering multiple products in the brow will result in a heavy look, when in fact it can actually achieve the most natural effect!” said Alyssa Anderson, Artistry & Creative Marketing Manager of Anastasia Beverly Hills. “By layering different textures and/or tones, such as our Brow Powder Duo and Brow Wiz, you will be able to create a far more realistic looking brow that’s customized to suit you.”

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